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Saturday, October 24, 2009

U Don't Know

I’m the son of a cabbie. I remember being like 4 years old seeing my father with a with a big co co on the forehead after being attacked and robbed. He forfeited a university degree to come here and live the capitalists dream. 25 years later, he’s still in the cab. I drive a much shinier more expensive car than he does, I actually bought his dream car, so he could enjoy having one in the driveway, he never drives it though. I’ve probably taken a cab 5-6 times in my entire life, but I’m still the son of a cabbie.

I got into writing when I was 8. I wrote a story about my teaching spazzing out and killing all the students. My classmates loved it, because they were all characters. My teacher enjoyed it because she probably wanted to merk half of us. I probably devoted the remainder of my childhood years only utilizing my creativity to lie. There’s a quote saying “artist use lies to tell the truth”, it’s a hot line… I don’t consider myself an artist though… just an imaginative son of a cabbie.

Now arrives the new title: Role Model. It’s kind of like, your favorite artist could step on a puppy and you’d blame the puppy. I guess with a respectable sum of youth, I’ve created an image they admire. It’s weird checking the fan page and seeing kids with your picture as their profile picture, or hearing someone say “Well Humble told me… and I think I’m going to do that” like I have any idea what I’m talking about. I can’t really relate to big celebrities as I’m a D-List in my own city at best, but I’m starting to see the dangers of the label. So because of my new title, let me apologize in advance if I don’t live up to it on any level. I’m just the son of a cabbie.

And for those who take it upon themselves to tell me why I make the music I make, U Don’t Know

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