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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mr. Productive

I'm excited about a few things..

  • The upcoming trips I got in Novembers, getting a chance to see a few more cities around North America, and performing for new audiences. I haven't had this many stamps on my passport before.
  • Working with new artists; I had time to talk out a game plan with one of the artist I want to eventually feature: B-Magic, a Norwegian born professional soccer player, who writes some witty punchlines, and has a stage presence to envy. pretty much, everything I wished I had in a mentor coming up in this I'm going to try to give to him. to his credit, he's eager to learn, and has a work ethic that guarantees success.
  • working on the next phases of thepoetproject and the Humble The Poet movement. We setting up a cyber street team, which will allow for more organization and mobility with new materials and projects. We really doing this from the ground up, it's really exciting.
  • Almost done the first track off the EP I'm doing with KenLo. It's going to be a breakup track, but heavily poetic... already got a video in mind for that.
  • concept planning for the LovHer track. working with digitology on this. it'll be really cool to have a lot of input in my first official video.
  • last but not least, been doing a little matchmaking with my homies. dishing out a little advice on ladies (like I have any idea what I'm talking about) and hooking up a first date. one of my closets peoples just got engaged to a girl I hooked him up with (well actually forced upon him, as he wasn't initially an enthusiastic participant). so I'm excited to get that 'bachola' commision 8)
I'm staying busy, when new stuff comes out, it'll be a storm. I have enough for another mixtape, just a matter of sitting down and making the tweeks. Here's one of the first tracks I ever wrote, it's was a breakup song; I was on the receiving end of this one, yet they still take my advice.

---LYRICS ---

luving u was like a song i replayed
ever 3 minutes thirty seconds of every day
Cd scratch starting skipping and we both was tripping
bass and trebal opposites thats how we was living
it's not a given that folks won't break apart, will play it smart, won't break my heart
lying on floor, soaked and cold, all alone
i don't blame u baby girl u was on u'r own
not to be specific, but u was way too grown
and i did too many no-no's took u off u'r thrown
small shit got overblown, been castin first stones
without checkin sins within my own home

tried to make it our home, wasn't even a house
guilt trips to keep my girl, next step was spouse
and i was older... u'r life been stormy weather
became another rain cloud, instead of u'r umbrella

felt like i needed to make a song cry...instead it's comin out my own eyes

and every choras was written for us to recite
every beautiful melody of devotion every night
sun came up and it's a brand new day
accept it or not, we dun went our seperate ways
it wasn't mutual, decision made on upon u'r lonely
cuz u was lonely, makin me lonely was the only
way to balance out the force, cuz u was forced to press abort
i'd never would have done it, jus stuck in my comfort zone
didn't want to be alone, beggin on the phone, for one more chance
u aint biggie girl, guess that killed the romance..
so heres our slow dance... and i'm sayin this with my eyes closed
not cuz i don't wanna see u.. but to keep the inside the flow
see the tears are fallin on the page and writing this track...
thought of keeping it in but don't wanna hold it back
I'm cryin bars and hooks, and weeping interludes..

and when i playem every cord was a poem
tellin the lord how greatful i am cuz i'm knowin...
don't know u no more, don't own u no more, can't show u no more
wut i'm going throw
so let me whip my eyes with the beat, let the soul clap warm my heart, feel the snare drum as you ride out
this was all i'm good at, if that,i hurt u, forgive that
my last words, forget that
and no good byes I forgive that
so understand that, i tried my best, and failed some test
under my chest you will always have a spot to the left
and instead of taking that next step.. we'll both be takin our next breath
so breath girl.. cuz u told me it was suffocating
and take u'r time, cuz this time, aint no one waiting
and i'm not here on no ego trip, that shits deflated
u a chapter in my life and i'd never trade it
no regrets...... jus goood bye

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