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Monday, October 19, 2009

Ah-huh... hush that fuss

Hit up some hip hop karaoke for Harman the Hater’s birthday… Me and BabbuViscious rocked ‘Rosa Parks’ on stage… crowd went nuts, organizers went nuts, even the photographer was showing love, telling us “hey you guys should start writing rhymes”. That’s when I got to be cocky and with my most pretentious voice say “well actually, I am a professional rapper” (professional in this case will be defined as has been paid to rap, not that I’ve made much, but enough to consider myself a rhymesayer by professions: P ).

The following night was an actual gig (paid ;D ) back at the EL Mocambo. We opened for the Muslim Punk Band: The Kominas. Highlight of that performance was an old East Asian lady, who was jamming hard to Technorganic, putting 50 cents on the monitors for us. Crowds were feeling the stage presence, and I’m hoping more folks will take the time to come out and see what we do live, it’s a whole other experience. With a few shows coming up in November, I’m hoping to keep the handicam with me, and record some of this stuff to post.

Working on brand new material off some of the stuff KenLo sent me. Really taking my time with it. Also working towards setting up a street team, and getting a few more performances popping off around the continent (hopefully the globe soon).

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