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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Good....

The second track I collaborated on with the good folks out in the Uk. Initially we were supposed to do a show in Birmingham at the end of this month, but decided to wait till the end of the year to generate some more time for promo. This was a request track to acknowledge some of the youth that passed before their time. One in specific was Vijay Singh, a 13 year old who committed suicide a while back.

Who said good folks is not supposed to die
Cuz when we lose them, only then we start askin why
At only 13, vijay singhs the latest suicide
He made a choice without a voice, its up to u and eye
To learn a lesson, and spread the blessin to help avoid
Fallin in a cycle of innocent lives destroyed
In our life’s a void
We do anything to fill it just to feel some joy
But anything’s, we can’t afford

Cost of livings up

Happiness is down
We spend our lives chasing things that are never found
Pray to the sky asking why he gave us a frown
Not realizing that we got better than most around
The world, as it twirls, boys and girls know nothing better
Than hard floors, closed doors and that stormy weather
So whether, we chasing dreams or just staying clean
The journey is the focus , destinations never seem
To be within our reach, we need to learn to keep
Ourselves in focus, floating hopeless won’t help us to teach
Our future generations the patients that’s necessary
To deal with all dem different problems when life feels so hairy
It’s scary, how quickly we have lived and loved and lost
All the beauty in our lives will come at a cost

So when your path has crossed, something with purpose

Show you’re worth it, cuz u must exhaust
Before your time is lost
Floating across
The sea of maya, it’s soo hard to keep our lips above
only with love
can we survive, and keep alive all the memories
of those who didn’t last and passed away eventually
over the centuries, history’s shown that it’s meant to be
plenty re-alize, that to free your life
u gotta see your life
as gift in a present
not to be wrapped up in the non sense
move on friend

we each owe a debt of death

but we collect so many blessing b4 our final breath
so feel your heart in chest
leaning off to the left
let it rup pup pump bump
take a breath you’ve been blessed
so life your life
cuz the good die young

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