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Monday, October 12, 2009

Never Forget

much about.. here's the first track I submitted.. Never Forget '84. Papa Poet already said that because I got the The family out in the UK reached out to do a few tracks for an upcoming memorial album they're doing to commemorate 25 years since the Genocide of the Punjabi people in Delhi and Amritsar. Hopefully they'll be bringing me out at the end of the month for a live session, and I can meet some of the UK fans I've been hearing soBhindrawale soundbite, I'll probably not be safe returning to India... I wasn't planning on going back anyways :D

Never forget ‘84

Think about it
Hands tied when they were shot
What they use for the knots
They used the crowns from the top
Of our heads
Tied our hands with our pughs
Stained the marble red
Never left for dead
They left them dead
Even conservative estimates is triple digits
10 000 in 3 days when u figure
The 40 other shrines that they hit
But official story was they were saving us from the terrorist
It’s embarrassing
How the worlds largest democracy pulls this shit and gets away with it
Never a holy war of religions
Just a clever old bird tryna make a system
That suffocates a people
Punishment for demands to be treated equal
So fuckin feeble and evil

Not a reaction
This was 18 months in the planning
And they still underestimated what we could withstand man
I mean damn man
Justice is demanded

Went in 12000 strong
Didn’t discriminate combatants from the unarmed
Only alarm
Was those artillery shells causing harm
no calm b4 the storm

Locked the state from the rest of world
No one in, no one out
Hide their sins without a doubt
Watch the plan unfurl
Liberation was the furthest from their minds
wanna cripple a ppl, then you break them at the spine
they’ll fall into line
Or put all into a line and shot many times
Body’s rot, open eyes
In a plot to disguise
Their crimes, they devise
A pot full of lies

That stopped many lives
And open beard and a kara meant ur rights were denied
So they fight for their lives
And they fought for your rights
And to stop genocide

300 000 died
And the widows and orphans cry
We can’t afford to deny
And stop asking why

A government attacked it’s own people
Stole water from their land
Labeled our stand an upheaval
But we will
Forever keep it moving
Pursuing justice for the world
still proving
Freedom is a right not a gift
We will fight to uplift
The plights of the rift
Raff, do the math
Only 2% of a population
Made the greatest contributions for the independence of the nation
Stayed patient
Rebuilt the foundation
Gave their leadership a facelift
We can’t waste this
Don’t let them die in vain
They be in our vains
Our blood is all the same
It’s not a game
Tryin to assimilate into hindu
Wut we been through
Is jus how the wind blew
We will stand strong and last long
Only way this is accomplished
Is to not forget the past man
Never Forget ‘84

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