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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pops and Hip Hop

My father was sharing an interesting take on support with my brother law recently. He was talking about how his father supported him in his life, he can only continue that by supporting me. He said "I give him things and help him, because someone gave to me and supported me, and in the future he (meaning me) will help and support someone else".

This reminded me of why I'm working to be a proactive force in hip hop. It would definitely be great to be in a space where this is my full time gig, but more importantly, I'm already indebted to the culture for what it has provided me growing up. Artists, such as Nas, Outkast, Tupac, Lauryn Hill, and Ras Kass, have inspired me and carried me through some crazy times, that at this point, I need to continue that cycle. I simply want to continue the support and inspiration given to me by those who came before. I feel I've benefited so much from the cultural collection plate, that it's my time to give back. Not to mention, I'm having a lot of fun on this journey.

Now that the mixtape is out, I'm listening to it regularly, critiquing myself, trying to figure out how to grow from it. I'm hoping to have enough material for another mixtape by July, and with that, I'm hoping to show tangible growth . I also need to step up my live performance game. I've been booked for a few things coming up, but nothing significant. I might start back up on the spoken word scene just to get more stage time. If you have any ideas as to upcoming events you'd think I'd fit well on, let me know...



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