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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Technorganic Has Arrived!

After weeks of talking about it, Technorganic is finally here. Back in March Sikh came to me with this Flying Lotus track, and we vibed long and hard to make this song. The original beat had no sound outside the acoustic instruments; it was very raw and organic.

The idea behind Technorganic is basically that nature will always overcome whatever B.S we throw at it. This is going to be a club banger, and hopefully on your nearest radio station soon.

I've also included a
download link. Leave a comment, and let me know what you think.


  1. yo poet,

    this is what i'm feeling from this track...I like the beat but you got some instruments in the back which seem like wooden blocks hitting or somthin..almost sounds like its to much background noise and takes from some of the track. I haven't listened much of your stuff but this is a solid track. Keep up the good work, guru ji bless

  2. guru ji bless? bless him to rap. humble know it he a coward not a poet.

  3. Of course your not a coward are you (directed at Anonymous)? Talkin shiet over the net. Forget this kid. Humble, do your thing. Dont stop now.

  4. Great track. Beat is fucking banging