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Monday, April 6, 2009

Back On Track (New verse included)

Illness, swollen tongue, and life in itself have gotten in the way of this daily verse project... I'm not sure if I'm losing credibility by being unable to actually drop something everyday. I figure if you like what I'm doing, you like it, if you don't, you don't. I doubt there's nit-pickers out there, that would have loved me; hadn't I missed a post for April 1. I'll just do what I do, and hope folks enjoy coming back.

Shout outs to Sikh Knowledge, who's in bed after hurting himself at the gym. stay up homeboy, you'll be back on your feet soon, making me sound good with all the work we got happening.

The Toronto anthem was complete on time. I'm not sure I emailed it to the right guy for the competition. The track itself doesn't reflect the best of what me and Sikh could have done together, and he told me to hold off sharing wit y'all until he can make some adjustments.

Sikh also sent me an updated version of Technorganic....it's sooo bananas. I want to share it with y'all, but I don't want to rob y'all wit the experience of the final cut. This is actually a song you should be hearing in the clubs, and blasting out of cars. I can't wait till it's finally done.

I'm also working on a verse on Kanye's latest intro "Say You Will". I think you folks will like it. My flow is a bit slower, and alot more emotional (without sounding whinney like I do on the Milli verse). I want to get Sikh on that, so it may take a while to come out, as the track has to fly to Montreal and back :)
For my musically inclined readers, I was given a beat in 6/8 timing to spit on. I'm enjoying the challenge, and I hope to have that out this week as well...

Last but not least, if you're a fan on Facebook, they have a feature now where you can invite others to check the fan page and become a fan. Just go to the fan page and click 'Suggest to Friends'

Here's the sequel to Friday Night... let me know what you think of the effect I placed for the female's voice... It's my homage to outkast...

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