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Thursday, March 26, 2009

1 Step at a Time

Although I'm not releasing any recordings, the writing is still happening daily. The recording is taking a toll on my voice because I'm breaking one of the cardinal rules for rap: Never Read off the notepad, have your shit memorized before you step in the booth. Before I had my own studio setup, I would put this rule in practice to save money when I was renting studio time. Now I spend an hour writing a verse (16 bars) and another hour trying to get it through mic. That's 2 hours a day I don't have. My new strategy is to write daily, but only record on the weekends, when I have a bit more time to toy around.

I'm also doing something I haven't done since last summer, which is work on a full length track. Most of the tracks on the mixtape are 16 bar verses, but there are a few full length tracks (Voice for the Voiceless, Cry Now, My Own eyes). Those Full lengths were written a while back, and it's taking a little adjusting to write 3 verses and a hook for a full length.

I'm working on a track with Sikh Knowledge called Technorganic... the beat was produced by Flying Lotus, and this beat is bananas. When Sikh was in town the last time, we sat in my car for about 30 mins just vibin on the track. The brainstorm session was amazing; just going back and forth, exchanging ideas, and feeding off each other's excitement. I vibe to the rough cut every morning, envisioning it on major radio stations by the summer... time will tell I guess...

One more verse for this T-dot anthem competition. After this is mixed and recorded, I'll go back to daily posts. If you have any ideas about what I should include in this track about Toronto, I'd love to get your input. Maybe share some of the prize money :P


P.S Remember to follow this blog... I got so much coming out...


  1. Good read
    nice to know what your up to humble : ]

  2. cant wait for the next song... good luck brother!