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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A New DIrection

As I recover from yet another cold, I decided to save my voice and write a post. This would be a great way to share my thoughts without the constraints of rhyme and beat, and ramble on topics without worrying about being clever or witty. It's also a great way of being interactive, instead of a one way conversation.

First and foremost, I want to thank all my supporters. If you take the time to watch a video, listen to a track, download the
mixtape, or pay any attention to me what so ever, I consider you a supporter. The term fan seems too hierarchic. You support what I'm doing, and I really appreciate it. I'll still be posting verses (almost) daily, and the mixtape is ready for free download here, and I'm hoping to release a few new videos as well as start doing some live shows (which would really require your support).

Since I'm not selling any of my work, my main motivation is fed from the response of the folks who hear my tracks and leave comments and ratings. I encourage you all to leave comments on the blog or
youtube, because I read them all during breakfast, and make an effort to respond to anyone with a question or concern. The repetitiveness of recording leaves me sick of the track by the time the final cut get posted. I do, however, stay excited knowing that there are folks looking forward to hearing what I have coming up. This site is designed with those folks in mind. I have received a slot of useful input on the site and how it can be improved (e.g. haing more than one post on a page, adding a search function). So if you have any thoughts or ideas on how to make this a better experience, I want to hear from you.

I'm currently working with Sikh Knowledge on a song for a Toronto
radiio station, which is hosting a contest for artist to submit an anthem for the city. I havn't had to write a full length song since last summer, and the timeline is tight (3 days until the deadline). The flow of ideas between Sikh Knowledge and I is nuts, and I'm really excited to submit the track. Once it's done, i'll post a sneak preview of it on youtube.
If your wondering who Sikh Knowledge is, you can hear some of his latest pieces of work here

hopefully my voice will be back up this weekend, and I'll putting out of more tracks for the
regular posts...

Until then, I'm
looking forward to hearing from all of you. Follow this blog for regular updates.

Humble The Poet


  1. Sick - Hope you feel better... and keep doing your thing! I'll be following the blog closely..

    its just a matter of time before you hit it bg!

  2. aw feel better(L) i can't wait to hear some new stuff, i'm always checking for updates :)
    -a devoted fan