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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vote Jakara

The Extended Family of the Jakara Movement out in Cali reached out. They trying to get some of that bailout money. Chase bank is having a competition where they're giving away money to various charities that rake in votes, I'm sure it's a publicity stunt as well, but the money will go to great use if Jakara makes the top 100

so all my Facebook folks... click here to vote

Posted a video, feel free to spread that as well...


  1. Thanks for the plug Humble.

    Of course it is a publicity stunt. They have to give a certain amount away and this is an opportunity to generate 'goodwill' after the public outcry against their seedy business practices.

    All of that is acknowledged, still an opportunity for our own community awaits!

    Like you said, we are hoping to do something positive in the community with it.

    In Solidarity - Gur Fateh!

  2. Thank you Humble. Together, we did it. Together, we are the movement.

    In Solidarity - Gur Fateh!