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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Don't believe in Haters

You hear rappers talk about haters often. They credit haters as their motivation to keep moving forward. Some actually thank their haters. You’ll hear comments like “The hate only makes me stronger”, and I never understood that. When folks start to clump all the negativity towards them as hate, then they’re doing the exact opposite of making themselves stronger. When artist start believing their own hype and dismissing anything less than praise as hate, they’re throwing away gold nuggets of wisdom and opportunity for growth. This ignorance towards any view that is different from “You’re fucking awesome” is really just cutting you off from reality. It's dangerous to think that negative comments could be used to quantify success.The idea that: "the more they hate, the more I must be doing right" can cause a further disconnect to whats really going on. Take it for what it's worth and keep it moving.

People can provide constructive criticism, and that criticism shows they took the time to experience what you do, and care enough to help you enhance it. “you’re garbage” isn’t constructive, or even critical for that matter, it’s just an attempt to illicit a response. Comments like that that don’t make me stronger, it just makes the person making those comments weaker. The fact that they actually invested calories to share a generic insult for the purposes of trying to cause harm doesn’t reflect on my work, or myself, it reflects on them. Randomly calling a woman a bitch, doesn’t make her a bitch, it jus make me jerk. So these comments that are so often labeled as hate, aren’t really hate at all. Because they’re not directing hate towards someone, they’re just bringing attention to themselves and their hurtful intentions. Who really looks bad after the comment is made?

So I don’t believe in haters, I’m just flattered that people still take the time to write me, even if they aren’t leaving the most positive comments. And since I don’t dismiss those comments as hate, I won’t miss out on the knowledge folks kick at me, when they got valid criticism.


Humble P: “Yo, what you think of the new track and video?”

Harman The Hater: “I loved the video, but can I make a comment about the track?”

Humble P: “yea man, go for it”

Harman The Hater: “I love the beat, but I can’t understand all your lyrics, you’re mumbling some of the parts, I think you need to re-record”

Humble P: “Your probably right, I know the lyrics, so they’re clear to me, never thought about what an outsider might be taking in”

My homeboys already call me Mumble The Poet, and the criticism is valid. So if y’all got something mean to say, just make sure it makes sense? If I’m an eMCee, then making disrespectful comments about my appearance doesn’t hurt me, it jus gets filed under “what the F#&@ does that have to do with hip hop?” folder. If you want to throw proper darts, make comments on the actual content I create, but if your comments make sense, I’ll be thankful for the advice. If your goal is to try to hurt my feelings, I’m too old for that; at this point, the only people that can hurt me, are the ones I love, and they wouldn’t be worth loving if they were trying to hurt me.

When I hear or see disrespectful comments towards myself, or anyone else, I just try to figure out what happened to the person making the comments. Either their mamma didn’t hug’em enough, or they’re just disappointed in themselves and need to project the frustration towards someone.

Personally I only hate when I’m jealous; lucky for me, I haven’t been jealous in a while :)


  1. peace up humble
    scool of world
    av so people in my spirit
    im hater just for pass the voice

  2. my mind so many die i drup the reality for
    sky i humble tomorow ur my bro
    jme leve le matin jdrop ma dou pour ma nounou
    jlep jlev jvien
    tantot je vais pensser a demain

  3. dude, humble..youre AMAZ.......no you suck. you have enveloped yourself in this cocoon of 'hip hop', that youve also put on a pedestal, as though this hip hop is some higher deity and gives you great solice and peace. dude, what are you doing? you claim your 'everything' is hip hop and rap, and that you owe this culture something. my question is, what culture? you owe those who gave their lives for sikhi..for those who gave shaheed for...you to rap? youre a victim of the 'mainstream' of society that youve been sucked into. if you lived somewhere else, that 'somwehere else' would have fed you another music to be brainwashed by. eternal is gursikhi. im not a gursikh, or else i wouldnt be here dissing you. but i know whats real, and youre not real. you have insecurities spweing out of you. you claim to be a sikh yet youre prancing like a fool popping your collar as you have some type of swagger. youre not real, you are pretending. youre near pathetic, and i feel sorry for you for leading kids on, and creating a 'street team' to further lead our sikh youth off track in thinking its ok for a sardar to do this- instead of preaching modesty, sincereity, or valour. what honour do you have dancing around like a clown? youre a joke, you look like oscar the grouch, and i hope your rap fails miserably so you can focus on whats real and not what youve been brainwashed to do. youre not kanye...youre not slick..you aint chic...you never will be. give it up. please. you have clever lyrics, cool, but please stop.

  4. i anonymus
    yur mind be stoped by your think
    please take yur pillss and go slippings

  5. humble...you think anyone who looks at you would say youre hounourable? would anyone say youre a courageous sikh, or a person of respect and valour? youre a clown.

  6. hip hop and rap are art
    just as much as dhadi/dharmik
    it's a form of expression

    man's got talent. sorry if you don't
    open your mind and recognise that

  7. hip hop is rare art..just like dhadi? my foolish friend, learn sikh history. dhadi varan were setup by 6th guru ji to have bi ras for our soliers. learn about kirtan. the specific raags effects persons in different manners based upon the specific combination of notes. what does HTP's music do? the soul. not close. If HTP himself he doesnt want to be referred to as a Sikh rapper, why are you making a sikh comparison? Dhadi and kirtan are tools given by guru to attain something spiritually. what does HTP's do? his expression of self ego, not religion.

  8. thr is 1 hater on this page and its the 1 makein all deez comments i personally think your mad jealous n should get a life...HUMBLE 4 LIFE

  9. live and let live
    just relax

  10. You spelled believe wrong.

  11. honestly. im a latina. and i love your skills humble. sooooo refreshing in this wack wanna-be rap game with no respect for themselves and try so hard to fit a stereotype. thumbs up homie! for bringing some clarity to this whole "HATERZ" shizz.