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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Big Dreams, Big Schemes

Throwing out the first mixtape wasn't work at all. I put together tracks, and when I felt I had enough (25+), I packed them in a sequence and shared it with the world. With the second, it hasn't been so easy. I've been debating whether to keep the same old format (25+ mini verses), or do something that resembles an album more, with more full length, properly produced tracks.

I'm currently writing 4 tracks simultaneously, I want to have them done before my show on October 2nd, but I think that may rush the tracks, and I'll be left with something weaker than the first. So I guess the mixtape will come out when it's ready, and I havn't decided what it will look like. In the meantime, I'm sending the stems for my new single LOVHER to Montreal, so Sikh can put on final touches, and add his verse in sequence. Hopefully by the end of the month, we'll have the video shot, so it can ready for a November Release.

In the meantime, Sikh has new tracks up all the time, check out his website BOMR.CA

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