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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Re-Up

Back from 3 weeks in Thailand, and though things seem stagnent, the movement is the most active it's probably ever been. I've been finishing up tracks for the fam out in England for a project they have related to the Genocide in 1984. They're working to get me out there for a performance, so that should be fun, and a great opportunity to make some new fans out in Europe. Last time I was out in Amsterdam, at a pizza spot I ran into these MCs on their independent grind. They had been flown out to tour half the continent. I'm hoping to get a base in a few cities in North America to run a tour, but Europe seems like a promising situation as well.
I've also been working on my first official single (by official I mean something that is cleared to actually be played on the radio and other outlets). The track is titled Lovher, and i
ts 3 different verses, telling three different stories about what females go through in life. Sikh Knowledge created the backdrop for the track, and when he heard my verses, he asked to contribute a 3rd. He ripped it, and definitely outshone me on track, but that'll only serve to make this single even more monster.
We're going to shoot a legit video for it, and I'll probably be casting females soon for the shoot. If you're in Toronto, and interested in being part of the project, send a message. I'll most more info as to what I'm looking for in a few weeks.
The site should be updated much more
frequently, and new videos and tracks will follow....
October 2nd, I'm throwing a concert to raise money to fight Cancer and ALS, two monsters that plague our communities.


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