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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Q&A Time!

So folks on the Facebook group shot out some questions, and I tried my best to answer them without being boring, let me know if I did a good job.

Top of Form

If you go on a tour will you be hitting up Calgary?

Tour would be fun, we working on major cities right now, we hit Edmonton in November, so that’ll probably be the closest spot we return to in Alberta for now, hopefully BC and UK will be popping off soon.

Who do u think looks better, Kim Kardashian or Megan Fox?

Both overrated…boring looking white girls with expensive plastic surgery and makeup

Your lyrics are often very powerful and tackle many global issues, as a writer what do you think would be most conducive to your writing in terms of environment, atmosphere and mental state. Do you often write when you are bothered, as an outlet? Or do you find yourself coming up with lyrics as you see the world, which in turn, inspires you to write.

Effective writers, whether it’s literature or music, are successful at communicating their ideas

when they connect with their audience. I come from an education background, so the focus isn’t the content, but rather how to deliver the content. Sometimes I find it conducive to use vulgar vocabulary to catch ears, or express ideas in a certain tone, so the words don’t just blend in with the heavy beat.

I don’t write as an outlet, because I’d probably spend more time trying to get all my ideas out that the actual delivery would suffer. If I’m just articulating an already formularized idea, then it’s much easier because I can focus strictly how on to share these ideas and concepts as effectively as possible. The global issues I’ve discussed are just topics that interest me. When I’m in a good mood, my mind is much clearer, and it’s easier to get my ideas out on paper. But I have written a few pieces like ‘My Own Eyes’,‘The Essence’ & ‘Welcome Spring’ purely from frustration and emotion.

Overall I find inspiration from observing things around me, Voice for the Voiceless was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend, who happened to be a relative of one of the murder victims mentioned in that track. I wanted to find a way to help him channel the frustration to the audience that really needs to hear about it.

How much of what you do is nature and how much is nurtured?

My actual ability to write and delivery lyrics is probably 95% nurture. Someone like Jay Z or Method Man are naturals and probably think in rhyme all the time. My abilities to do so come the same way a child learns to play the piano, practice and study.

In terms of nature, I observe a lot, and feel fortunate that I can actually learn from watching other people make mistakes, I don’t think that was a learned behavior. The actual writing is a process though, and it’s definitely not as easy as I try to make it seem.

How long is your... Beard?

Long enough to get me a Santa gig at the mall if this rap thing doesn’t work out…

How old are u?

I’m an ’81 baby…

So what’s your new years resolution

Hit all my deadlines, gain some weight, beat Doughboy and Babbu at Tetris, and get another tattoo?

How important is the Bluestar or 1984 riots issue is to you and where does it rank among the things you care about if it does at all

I was re-educated on the events of 1984 this past summer, and it’s given me a clearly understanding and background to why the community carries itself in certain manners. If people can’t connect with events that specifically targeted their communities, they won’t be able to connect with any other. I think it’s important that every Punjabi understand that

#1 the events of June 1984 were targeting the people of Punjab, not the Sikh religion, and that the conflict is a human rights issue, and not a holy war as they would like folks to think. The events were planned 18 months in advance and were not a reaction to one man or group of people held up within Amritsar.

#2 The events of November 1984 were not a random series of events, but rather a systematic, organized massacre on PUNJABI (not just practicing Sikh) peoples. Voter’s lists were used to direct the mobs to attack, and a Punjabi last name, regardless of political affiliation or religious devotion, qualified you to be a victim.

It’s important for all Punjabis to understand, this was not a Hindu vs. Sikh issue, this was an oppressive majority suppressing a minority. When this connection is made, we can see the similarities with the Tamils in Sri Lanka, Palestinians in the Middle East, the Sudanese in Darfur, and even the Native Aboriginals in North America. Once we connect with these issues we realize that 1984 is still happening and that we as oppressed minorities can join forces to become the new majority and end the oppression.

Vampires or werewolves? Haha just kidding you don’t have to answer that one

My sister is big on Twilight, I like Kate Beckinsale and the whole Underworld movement, so I’ll say Vampires.

What’s your advice for other songwriters, poets, rappers, etc???

Practice, practice, study your craft, practice and more practice. Talent is always a matter of opinion, but work ethic can be measured and the payoffs are clear. I don’t believe in luck, I believe in work.

When is the next mixtape coming out??

I want to say March, but I’d be lying. I can say it’ll only be 10-12 tracks, butt they’ll all be full length, no more short 1 min verses. I’m going to say March, but I’m Desi, so you know that means August.

What kind of message (if any) do youur try to portray thru your lyrics? And also what is your major concern about the world? Religion? Politics? Etc

I just want to expose folks to ideas that they may not normally come across in the lifestyles they lead. I just want to clearly articulate concepts that are underrepresented in hip hop and the communities I connect with. It’s easy to forget that there’s two sides of a coin, and when the powers that be want people to ignore that other side, we need to spend extra effort to shed light back on that unrepresented side.

In terms of politics, my main concern is government getting involved in every element of our lives, it gives a sense of comfort, but it’s also very scary the amount of civil liberties are being suspended in the process.

In terms of religion, my main concern is people relying on intangible ideas and hope to rationalize ways of live, which are fear-based, exploitative, and inequitable. The ruling parties have been using religion for some time to keep the masses in order, we need to think a lot more for ourselves, and reduce the western influence on what we think is being spiritual, or a good person at that.

In the world, it just kills me to see how people have become apathetic, and are able to justify such horrific acts upon each other. If each government was a person, many of them would deserve a punch in the eye for the evil things they impose upon the weaker nations.

If I write a song will you sing it?

I can’t sing =), and anyone can learn to rap, so if you can write, you should be able to perform it yourself, which will always sound better.

How do u select what kind of artists you want to collab with??

Anyone who can fill in the gaps I leave, and is able to do the things I can’t, or represent a way I couldn’t. The goal is to make the track well rounded. We all chemicals, and when we interact and mix with each other, we get a certain reaction, I just try to see what makes magic that way.

Ever do drugs?

Are Females considered Drugs?

As a lyricist/poet, do you think it is necessary for an artist to suffer/struggle personally in order to produce lyrics that are insightful and thought provoking...in other words, do you think that depth of character can be gained without hardship?

Insightful and though provoking lyrics come from HOW you articulate the idea, insightful and thought provoking ideas expressed n those lyrics will come from experience. I’m not Palestinian, but I felt the anger and frustration through my empathy for their cause. Personal hardships are not the requisite to build character, just being able to find lessons and gaining wisdom from life experiences.

When we step outside our shoes, and connect with other people, their hardships/struggles become ours. At that point when can bare their load and help out any way we see fit. Whether that’s writing a check, getting involved, or shining light on the situation to your peoples. Plus everyone can find a reason to be EMO these days, and someone will always have it better, and more folks will definitely have it worse.

Bottom of Form

Well. Do u plan on getting rich off rap?

I’d like to do this full time, don’t need to be rich off it though. I have quite a few other jobs that keep the bills paid as of now. A Blue collar artist who has to stay on the road 300 days a year does sound pretty cool though.

What city u live in

Toronto (Rexdale), Canada…. Looking to move somewhere with less snow though.

Have you been offered to any record labels?

No record deals have been offered, and we haven’t solicited any record companies in hopes to get one. A Record deal is a whole other mess. We’ll be staying independent for the time being.

Who are your biggest influences, and why? Some of your favorite books, musicians, movies...etc.

Dave Chapelle; he’s able to entertain and inform in the language of the people he communicates with, and he does it well with complete creative freedom.

Andre 3000; best written emcee in history, probably has perfected the art.

Are you going to let me produce for you?

After we release the acapllas, I’m hoping to fall in love with producers I haven’t heard before, so that answer should be a ‘YES’

Bottom of Form

What are some of the most influential and recommended pieces of literature on Humble The Poet's bookshelf?

Autobiography of Malcolm X

Greatness Guides by Robin Sharma

Anything by Mitch Albom, that guy knows how to write.

Do you have a Xbox 360


If you hit it big would you still talk to your fans as you do now or forget like other rappers and just say you connect to the fans but really don’t?

I appreciate folks taking the time out to write to me, so I try to do the same, obviously if things get busier, it won’t be as easy, but I’ll always try. I know the lead singer for Weezer stayed real connected with his fans, and would invite friends he made off his website to hang out after shows and stuff. I think it’d be really cool to have crews of friends all over the world, so I got folks to kick it with wherever I have a show.

When did u first start singing?

First time I ever performed in public was 2008

If you had your last dinner, which 3 celebs would u want to have a dinner with, dead or alive?

Malcolm X

My Mother’s father, who passed away when she was a child

Sun Tzu, dude who wrote The Art of War

What made u enter the music world? Many know you have a profession but along with that you went off and decided to hit up the music scene. What made u decide that? Or was it a plan that you always had, but just didn't have the time to actually expose it to the public?

I always wrote, mainly poems to impress girls. I went to a K-Os concert back in 2003, and he had an opening act by the name of Kamau. Kamau did only spoken word, and I was so amazed I wanted to try it out myself. After I started releasing music, the people kept supporting and making it a natural decision to keep moving forward. It was never the plan, but we’ve mapped out a plan now to ride the wave.

Who's your favorite hip hop artist?


Lauryn Hill



Goodie Mob

Anything from the Rawkus days (for my older heads)

Which three producers you want on board for your first album?

First Album will hopefully be 100% Sikh Knowledge

Kanye beats have the most soul, and are good for my emotional delivery

Neptunes make bangers that any one can jump on and keep a hit

I’ve used a lot of Dre’s beats, they’re instant classics, but hit or miss in my opinion.

Along with your singing profession, what else do you do?(Career wise) Also, What inspired you to start singing in the first place?

I’m an elementary school Teacher, Private High School Math Tutor, and Landlord

Favourite movie? : )

American History X

I am Sam

Do you have PS3

I play Tetris on Facebook, that’s all the video games I play.

Favourite rappers, producers, and which specifically you'd like to work with... Both mainstream and underground

I’m going to be jacking some Mad lib tracks soon. All my favourite rappers would end up making me look bad on the track, so I’ll hold off working with them ;) . No ID (the dude that made Jay Z’s Death of Autotune) has been putting a lot of soul into his music, it’d be cool to throw myself on one of his joints.

BIG or Pac?

Pac had emotion

BIG had wit

So I’ll say both

Favourite Norwegian born Punjabi rapper??


When will your first breakthrough album hit the US charts? I mean Jay Sean did his thing, now its your turn boy!

A major US record label purchased Jay Sean’s album, and he’s a pop act. I don’t appeal to the same demographic, my US success, at best, will mimic Immortal Techniques.

When did u realize you had a shot at becoming a known rapper?

When y’all kept showing me love and supporting the movement.

What are the 5 things you hope to do/try before you die? and what's your favorite thing to eat :)

Favourite thing to eat right now is Jack Astor’s Nachos,

Things I have to try before I die (PG version)

1. sky diving/bungee jumping ( I keep chickening out)

2. live a year without a car

3. write a fiction and non fiction book

4. take my moms to see the great wall of china

5. live in 5 other cities for at least a yearBottom of Form

If you went back in time to high school, would the people you went to high school with think you would have made it this far/became an artist? Did you think/know this is what you wanted to be when you got older.

I wrote short stories in high school, and thought I was pretty good, I don’t really think I shared them at the time. There were other dudes in my high school that were doing the rap thing, and they were much better than me at the time, It took me a long time to get the confidence to try to make it happen. I still see folks from my high school, and they show nothing but love. But I definitely was not known for this back then. I wasn’t into hip hop until I was 16.

Are you single

“On my second marriage, hip hop’s my first wifey” – Nas

Is DJ Doughboy your girl?

She's supposed to be my DJ, but she stopped taking lessons, now she hangs around and scares off the other girls. I guess that's what girl's do

Why don’t you get a big record deal

Record deals aren’t handed out based on talent, their based on marketability. Someone like me would have to show my marketability through my own fan base before a major label will put money into me. The thing is once they own you, they’ll control you, and that just doesn’t make any sense. Hip Hop represents freedom for me, not another chance to be an employee. If I can put up the numbers to impress a record company, then I’m probably doing well enough to stay independent. Independent means, although I won’t be given $500 000 to shoot videos, I’ll have the freedom to talk about whatever I want, however I want and whenever I want. Instead I’ll be starting my own label, and giving artists I believe in chances to be heard through the resources I have.


  1. Do you know who Prabroop Guraya is?

  2. the last question/answer was the best one for me, good job bro

  3. Yo man your probably, no, definitly better than 85% of the rappers out there. They talk about money, sex, drugs etc. You talk about global issues and what needs to be done and thats what music should be about getting the message out there. I love your music keep it up man

  4. This is the first time in my life, that i have had a Sikh really truly understand 1984. You are so right, its not a Sikh vs. Hindu thing. I just wished other Sikh's like I, would know the truth! Thank you Humble!

  5. hey man, dude above said how i felt about the 1984 situation. my grandpa raised me to fight ignorance and educate myself on things not always black and white.

    outkast and radiohead are my faves of all time. atliens or aquemini? andre's one of my biggest influences and inspirations. the most complete, talented and timeless mc in hip hop, dead or alive. he's a century ahead indeed. my list of artists u mention above is almost identical.

    come to vancouver, i want to shake your hand and if possible would much rather prefer a conversation. keep doing your thing!

  6. You are, hands down, one of the best rappers I have ever listened to.