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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nothing For Sale

Sitting on the beach with Sikh in San Francisco a few months back, I was staring at the Pacific Ocean (for the first time) thinking to myself that I never thought a year of posting my work on youtube would get me a plane ticket to California. We rocked a show in Fresno the following night in at an invite only event of about 200 folks. The highlight of that evening for me was when one of the waitresses of the venue came up to me after the performance asking where she could buy my CD.

6 months later I’m proud to say I still don’t have a CD for sale, and if you love the work, you can get it free in the Downloads sections (the newer stuff isn’t available, because I haven’t got a chance to package it together yet). Sikh is inspirational in that sense; he wants to fund his own projects, so it’s at no cost to the people.

Back to Cali… after the show, we were interviewed for East West Magazine, amongst a few others.

Click on my handsome picture for a link to the article


  1. Glad to hear about your time in SF! BTW We hate the term "Muslim Punk", we're TAQWACORE.

    I just did a podcast in Punjabi from NYC interviewing a lot of NYC Cab drivers, store workers, etc. Listen here: http://bit.ly/4gowv9

    I also mentioned you in my piece for the Guardian:

    Hopefully you got some traffic out of it. There's a link in the article to DL our stuff for free.

    We didn't get paid for the show we played together in T Dot. But next time! If you ever need any shows... let me know!


  2. dude you look oscar the grouch.

  3. nigga you UGLY like oscar the grouch nigga.