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Monday, November 16, 2009

T.E I A.M (does that work?)

I always felt that I didn’t have a best friend, and that each of the people in my life serve a purpose, and they could probably combine to become one really creepy Voltron looking best friend.

My manager Balraj provides me the necessary structure to get things accomplished, otherwise I’d be a pointless artist who thinks the world should cater to his art, and all my tracks should be viral. All my success to this point is attributed more to the work ethic than the talent or content. Balraj is that dude that makes things happen, and if he doesn’t know how to do it, he’ll learn, and then make it happen.

Harman The Hater is my chi… regardless of public perception; this guy has an enviable ability to stay emotionally intact, no matter what the circumstance. I can call him and spaz out, cuss him out, or just vent, and he knows how to slow down the heart rate.

Babbuviscious is the dude that puts the energy into every project, even when my energy is gone. He shows and adds more excitement towards this movement, which opens up a whole new element of it. At the El Mocambo show, he won over the crowd just working his magic.

As the folks in Edmonton quickly learned, Sikh Knowledge is that icing, cherry, chocolate sprinkles, and crack cocaine to make anything you do 10 times better. Tracks like Imagine, and Singh With Me where just sent his way so he could help with the technical sound, then he laces it up, and it becomes even that much more magical. Having someone like Sikh to reach out makes things ten times more possible

I got a whole roster of folks on the official and unofficial team ready to make things happen. 90% of my good fortune comes from their contribution, I know this post sounds like a acceptance speech for an award I haven’t won, but folks deserve their props.

I mentioned folks who have public reference points, but I also have an extended family around this planet making things happen everyday for me. We also started a street team to create a space for folks, who want the movement to grow, to contribute.

Shoutouts to the group of 17 year olds who thought I was 19 last night. I'm flattered but spoken for. This is DoughBoy's contribution to the movement

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  1. I thought I was your best friend :'(