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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why I don't like Sikh Knowledge

Asides from the fact that his website looks nicer, He's on point way too often. Back, when we first met, he gave me a beat reel which contained an amazing amount of material. One of these beats was titled 'Never The Same'. I took the track, and had fun with it, hoping to impress him enough to keep him working with me. He said he liked the track and said he'd get work mastering a final copy. That never happened. Since then we've worked on enough material to have and HTP/SK album (which I've been trying to make happen ever since I met him). That initial 'Never The Same' track was renamed 'Be About It', but was never heard from again, until today. It's still unmastered (Another reason why I loath the dude). here it is:

Download link:
Humble The Poet - Be About It (Produced By Sikh Knowledge)

My first official single titled LOVHER is being produced by Sikh, and will also feature a sweet 16. Watch out for that in late October

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