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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What Fish? Which Pond?

For any culture, summer is wedding season. I don't normally enjoy attending wedding (probably because I don't make use of the open bars), but this summer I attended a respectable amount (like 3). After each wedding, I received messages about "Humble The Poet was at this wedding" One fan even messaged me saying they were too shy to come and say hello. I remember being in Cali and one of the guys who helped organize my appearance there said it was a "dream come true to kick it with me". The ego strokes are great, but dramatically dangerous, especially when there is no shortage of negative comments coming to balance them out.

It's hard to believe the hype and ignore the hate. A hip hop forum moderator just critiqued the FEAR verse saying it was "lmao not good, not good", another posted went through the effort of posting a giant THUMBS DOWN pic.
It's silly to think that one lone comment can erase the accolades the track has been getting in the short time it’s been out, but it does. I guess it comes with the territory; the skin needs to be much thicker than normal to deflect both the compliments and criticisms. Before I started sharing my work, I had this nauseating feeling that I was one of those delusional American Idol contestants who embarrasses themselves once they open their mouth. Even to this day, most of my favorite tracks seem to be my least popular, an element of disillusion still exists.

I have, however, amassed an invisible army online, that usually deals with the haters before I even get a chance to log on. I thank y’all for the support, and trust that it hasn’t gotten to my head. I’m being brought out to the UK and Edmonton this upcoming month, and I’ll be able to connect with more folks and keep this movement thriving with an exponential momentum.

Jadakiss shared some advice that Jay Z gave him. He said that the slow grinder, the slow climber will always enjoy it more, than the overnight success story, if only for the simple fact that they can look back at all their work, and relish the journey. This site officially launched in March… and I’ve got 50 + tracks to revisit, and hopefully in the coming years the catalogue will continue to grow and evolve.

We gon keep it moving no matter what.

1 comment:

  1. oh shit so i realized now that i can comment on here oh well anyways just wanted to say i just read this and DAMN I FEEL LIKE A FUCKEN CELEBRITY FOR BEING SECRETLY MENTION IN UR ARTICLE,(AT LEAST I THINK IT WAS ME HAHAHA). yo fuck the haters leav em for harman like i've said man meeting u is equivalent to some youg ghetto black youth meeting kanye west. and since u quote rappers heres another quote "cant nobody hold me down cant no body take my pride cant nobody hold me down i gotta keep on moving up" and that is what u are doing my friend moving up like the mothafucken jeffersons. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK