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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Back in June, I was in the car with Sikh and he brought some of his latest works.. one of the tracks was titled: Drives A Compressor. One of the heaviest beats I've ever heard, and knew it needed content equally as heavy. In July I asked him if I could have the beat for my birthday, although a well known U.S rapper requested the beat, referring to it as being "Historic", Sikh gave it to me. In August, I'm sitting on a 12 hour bus ride from Chiang Mai to Bangkok out in Thailand, with my oversize headphones, ipod and notebook. There was no light in the bus, so I used the glow of the Ipod to write the lyrics to the track. In September I show it to Sikh to get his blessing, he falls in love with the track and blesses it with 16 bars of his own unique perspectives on the female experience. The plan was to release this track with a video by late October, Sikh leaked it on his blog last week instead.
This is by no means the final version of the song, but it isn't far from it..

Download it here...

She hadn’t even seen 11 springs
More beautiful than autumn dreams
They said she’d grow up to be hotter than the summer
But she got chills, when she saw him,
The younger
Brother of her mother
Her drinks that liquid nerve
And he had the nerve to touch her
Then he fucked her
Blamed it on her beauty
Said he did it cuz he loved her
Made her keep the secret
And made his visits more frequent
So that summer never came
And those tears they never showed
But inside it always rained
Fast fwd to 16
Started doing anything jus to numb the pain
Cuz it’s winter everyday
Colder than December
She remembers his ways
She’ll never feel the spring again


She could see the world from her daddy's shoulders/
feet aint touched the ground since never/
till he dropped her/…her sister and mother/
for the next release/ like a dilla fiend/but it wasn't beats/ it was weed/
…and sex and opiates, he's mad gangsta/
left her roamin the fields like Nebuchadnezzar/future shattered? maybe…/
but her mommy proves to be…/
an example a woman needs a man as much as she needs society../
a little fireball – she wants to be a psychologist/
maybe to figure out why daddy acted stupid/
maybe to understand why she clings to losers/
or mommy always looks like she's about to lose it/
or to earn that wage to make her feel safe/
'cause what her daddy gave barely covered what she ate/
a little queen for real with dreams and hopes as jesters/
my money's on the little brown skin lady with odds stacked against her/

she's my mother daughter sister other….


They always say the 3rd time’s a charm
Clutching her stomach, she prays this one’s son
Otherwise, whats the sense in having one
2 daughters, fathers fed up, warned not to mess this up
as if the burden is all her own
another blessing of a baby girl means she’s not welcome home
he makes her go through it alone
a taxi to the hospital, she goes through it alone
Sunday night, no family in the room
To witness the miracle coming from the womb
Yet to their joy, a healthy baby boy
She declares him royality, cuz she already knew
And papa slowly learned
Raised his princesses to queens, changed his ways to better things
But the stains always remain
The change in her brain
She’s not the same
She can’t forgive him