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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fuck Whack Shiet, I'm not a Backpacker!

Back in June, I had a show out in Cali, and after the show I was interviewed by Navdeep Dhillon, an online journalist and creator of Ishqinabackpack.com. He asked me and the other performers I was with a bunch of questions in the parking, and I don't remember how I answered most of them (Cali girls are such a distraction). He recently posted a slideshow of the interviews on here.

I performed one verse on one track last night a Dak Digi's album release party, and the fan reception was great (video coming as soon as I track down the camera girl). A lot of non-brown folks were in the crowd and they showed me a lot of love. So when I see the title of Navdeep's video as 'Sikh Rappers' I start worry that I may be becoming boxed in. I might have to get my MF Doom on, and rap with a mask. A few days ago Navdeep also emailed me around 25 questions for a followup, so hopefully that will be out soon.

He used pictures off my personal Facebook page, so objects in the video may not appear as cool as usual =)

I'm on around 3:27... the homie Sikh Knowledge is before that.

Also Check out the new Gadget I placed on the right, apparently if you click on the ad, money is sent to the Invisible Children's Fund, which goes towards numerous initiatives to helping Children in Uganda. I figure I can put up ad's and get paid when you click, or I can put up ads and help kids when you click.


  1. Hi Kanwer,

    I find the term "Sikh rapper" about as demeaning and a misnomer as the term "Christian rapper" =) As far as I know all of the titles I've used should say "hip hop artists at Jakara 2009" or "Hip Hop Artists in the Sikh Community" as opposed to "Sikh rappers" implying there is some form of a subgenre. It may be youtube or google creating their own keywords. I didn't have very many images of you so if you email me images of yourself, I'd be more than happy to substitute them in the slideshow.

  2. I appreciate the exposure, it was just an afterthought, no stress on the pictures, that was just a comment made by the gf.

    your right, sikh rapper isn't in the title, I might have mixed it up with another, or it was a keyword error.... apologies on my aprt

  3. haha, no worries mate. My dad is a massive fan of the Singh with you video incidentally. Check him out at PashauraSinghDhillon.com when you have time.