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Thursday, May 14, 2009


I had to reup the video, since the Youtube Police didn't like my choice of Music.
Here's a full length to make up for the lengthy (but adventurous) absence.... I'll include the lyrics at the bottom of the link....

Appearances may be deceiving
but you be leavin with impressions out your chest, breath heavin
I know the feelin
Like your favourite artist only speakin cuz they know u hearing
It’s So endearing
I know the fear when, you think your hottest lines behind you
fallin to the wayside remind you
That at any given time you
Too can be discussed in the past tense, like the swine flu
Not an activist, cuz activists I know aint acting
I’m a raptivist, I’ll change the world with gifts of gab man
This aint a fad man
Ever since I learned about Mumia Abu Jamal
This is all I can fathom
So I’m gasping
Tryin to fill the gaps, while these masked men attacking
Actin like I’m slice bread
Or the next best, but I’ll slice heads
Just to get inside your mind
But in time, I coming for your heart
Intentions are irrelevant
And the masses they aint fuckin with my style like they celebate
To hell with it
You really think a record deal could ever solve this shiet
Naw it would just stall this shiet
I mean all of it
I’d be the next Che Guevera for the era of these lazy ass ballin kids
Who take more pride in their colour than accomplishments…
Hear that I’m live, and think that they can sponsor this…
I’m here honour this,
Cuz really I’m a monster kid
Comin out your closet, like ur dirty laundry,
Mamma did
Birthed this boy, with a little bit more joy
Than she did wit her two daughters
don’t want to think that when I’m a father
why bother
to author rhymes to alter times
like water
we slaughter lines for thirsty minds
quenching thoughts of the dehydrated flocks
of flightless birds,
it’s my word we gon never stop
keep it moving

acting like a buzz cut would affect my lyrics
but if I didn’t share your skin tone, you wouldn’t hear it
it’s apparent
no matter what I represent, you gon project you b.s on top of it
so stop this shiet
believe me music operatives
only goal is to touch your soul with this honest shiet
and I’ll fondle it
molest the beat like catholic fathers did
alter boys
alter choices
I’m the voice for the voiceless
did tracks for Gaza but never flowed on the 5 rivers
face down in the mainstream, hopin I deliver
sumthin bigger than the rooty tooty
the most fruity are the homophobics
that’s another track
listen to me…
no more misunderstandings no more miscommunications
movement to men is sexist if I forget the women
from the beginning, I just wanted to kill this spittin
anything else is jus a byproduct of your imagination

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